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Ultra PE Enhanced Cruising Sails

For larger yachts, NPL TOUR Ultra series sails deliver low stretch, high durability, and easy handling for around the bay or around the world. Ultra PE laminates feature our exclusive eXact™ x-scrim reinforcement and are available with added carbon warp fiber. Ultra PE delivers unequaled resistance to flex fatigue, chafe, and UV damage, and is the ultimate radial paneled sail material for superyachts and expedition cruisers.

NPL TOUR ULTRA is an ideal choice for you when:
  • You require high strength, heavy duty panel cruising sails
  • You expect extreme durability
  • You demand the reduced stretch of high modulus materials


  • Laminates using high performance Ultra PE fabrics
  • eXact™ x-ply reinforcing
  • Very high resistance to stretch, chafe, flex fatigue, and UV
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Uso consigliato
  • ULTRA X : Ultra PE taffetas, eXact x-scrim reinforcing, Crossbeam fill direction yarns
  • ULTRA XC : Added Carbon fiber warp inserts
Available Colors
  • white
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