Multihull Cruising


‘How To’ Video Series with Bouwe Bekking

We’ve teamed up with our friends at X-Yachts and are excited to release an all-new ‘How To’ video series aimed at every type of cruiser. All seven videos are now… Read More

First Impressions of the Helix Furling Gennaker

I’ve been fortunate to serve hundreds of cruising multihull sailors in the past 20 years, often with downwind sails designed to eliminate the terrible feeling of performance loss when these… Read More

The Difference Between a Spinnaker and a Gennaker

Like the Spork (a combination of spoon and fork), the name gennaker came from combining two very different sail types into one: a genoa and a spinnaker. Unlike the spork,… Read More

#NSVictoryList: Rolex Middle Sea Race

In the year of Covid, the Rolex Middle Sea Race was a much-anticipated event before many participants tucked their boats away for the season. At the end of the 606… Read More

Cruising Multihull Q + A

A: Because a multihull does not heel and release the wind load when the pressure hits, multihull sails must be able to handle higher wind loads than monohull sails. This… Read More

The Best Sails for Cruising

A few months ago, North Materials Expert Tom Davis wrote an article titled “What are the Best Sails for Club Racing”. It only seems logical to have a companion piece… Read More

Dacron Sails

Dacron has come a long way! North Sails has been making dacron sails since the polyester fiber hit the sailing scene in the 1950’s. We’re always innovating, so while you’re… Read More

3Di OCEAN: Your Questions, Answered

A: 3Di OCEAN is the newest line of 3Di sails from North Sails, designed and engineered exclusively for cruising. A: 3Di OCEAN is for you if you are looking for… Read More

Introducing the 3Di OCEAN Line Up

After an exhaustive research and development program, North Sails is thrilled to launch 3Di OCEAN 370, our latest innovative sail product that completes a line-up of 3D molded sails dedicated… Read More