E-SCOW Whomper 1 Patch (Red) Asymmetric






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Product Description

Sail faster with the new North Sails E Scow Whomper, a proven winner, earning first place at both E Nationals and the Inland Championship for many years. The Whomper reaches better in heavier air and gives you the ability to sail lower while still maintaining top speed. The E Scow Whomper is made out of AirX 600 high performance spinnaker cloth. Easy gybing custom clew webbing & one take down patch. For colours other than solid White, solid Red or solid Blue please contact your local North Sails loft or Agent.

Standard Features

  • Spinnaker Bag (Box Turtle)


National Champion

Material / Technology

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NPC is the North Sails woven polyester product family. North Sails has a long tradition of making sails with dacron since the fiber was first introduced as a sailcloth in the 1950’s. Today we quality control the sail manufacturing processes – using our experience to produce a sail that features high-quality weaving and finishing of the perfect combination for the intended purpose, resulting in high performance with exceptional durability.