J-105 Li-6 Jib

Light Air Jib | 3Di RAW


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Product Description

The Li-6 is the newest jib for the J/105 class made out of 3Di RAW. The Li-6 complies with the recently class approved reduced jib weight. The 3Di material is a more flexible material and therefore offers better sail shaping in light air conditions. A forgiving luff curve makes it easier to read the wind helping the trimmer and skipper. The added durability of the 3Di products is also a plus for the J/105 jib. The Li-5 3Di RAW Jib is recommended for winds up to 12 knots.

Material / Technology

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Get a high-performance, reliable sail with North 3Di technology. This sailmaking revolution is breaking ground in three ways: using spread-filament tapes makes a stronger sail, building the sail on a full size 3D mold makes the perfect shape, and won’t delaminate. With the precision engineering of proprietary 3Di molded construction, North Sails produces repeatable one design sails in both shape and detailing. Get the advantage.