OK KAP-3 (6mm) Mainsail

Sailor Weight 75-85kg


Wind Range





Ships Within 12-14 Weeks

Product Description

This is the latest addition to our range of OK sails. It is less broadseam than the KAP-2, producing a straighter exit and making for an easily trimmed sail design. Primarily designed as an all-purpose sail for sailors under 85kg or as a heavy air option for heavier sailors. Retaining the same panel layout and sailcloth as its more powerful cousins the KAP-1 & 2. Best suited to sailors 75-85kg. Each sail is cut specifically to suit your mast bend. Please confirm mast manufacturer when placing an order to ensure the correct sized luff elastic is supplied.

Standard Features

  • 4 Leech Battens
  • Country Code
  • Sail Numbers
  • 3 Trim Stripes
  • Insignia
  • Standard Measurement
  • Cunningham
  • Dacron Foot Shelf
  • Visibility Window
  • Roll Bag

Material / Technology

material image


NPC is the North Sails woven polyester product family. North Sails has a long tradition of making sails with dacron since the fiber was first introduced as a sailcloth in the 1950’s. Today we quality control the sail manufacturing processes – using our experience to produce a sail that features high-quality weaving and finishing of the perfect combination for the intended purpose, resulting in high performance with exceptional durability.