Viper V-2 (Dk Blue) Airx Asymmetric



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Product Description

The North Viper 640 spinnaker reflects the knowledge we’ve gained by designing winning sails for a variety of sport boats. Our sail is sized to be class maximum and twists and rotates well, so you can sail lower angles while going the same speed or faster. The AirX cloth gives you the option to use a slightly more robust cloth than the Dynakote option. It uses the same designed shape but the AirX is more rigid so it will hold it’s shape without giving or stretching in strong wind. The sacrifice is that it does not have the same slippery finish we love about the Dynakote option. For colours other than solid White, solid Red or solid Blue please contact your local North Sails loft or Agent.

Standard Features

  • Take Down System – “String Drop”
  • Spinnaker Bag (Box Turtle)
  • Custom Graphics


World Champion
National Champion

Material / Technology

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NPC is the North Sails woven polyester product family. North Sails has a long tradition of making sails with dacron since the fiber was first introduced as a sailcloth in the 1950’s. Today we quality control the sail manufacturing processes – using our experience to produce a sail that features high-quality weaving and finishing of the perfect combination for the intended purpose, resulting in high performance with exceptional durability.