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North Sail's new FreeFoil is very close in design profile to the FoilRace sail, yet it pushes the "accessible performance" combination to it's maximum, at both ends of the scale. The first design priority of the sail focuses on the foil, but the sail can also be used on the fin when the wind picks up. As a result the sail has a huge wind range. Using the full benefits of 3Di shaping we are able to build impressive stability in flight, with performance that feels featherlight between your fingertips. Initially all your focus can be on flying and trimming the foil, and you can get impressive performance in using a sail that has been designed primarily for that purpose. The sail's streamlined material, batten configuration and no-cam set-up simplifies transitions on the foil, as the sail floats from one tack to another. As the wind picks up and the sail transitions to use with the fin, it is a lightweight and playful free ride blasting sail. Rigging is super quick and easy, with the EZ Downhaul 2-in-1, that fits either the MDM or RDM masts and extensions perfectly. Revolutionary technology for windsurfing, brought to you exclusively by North Sails. Go Beyond.



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