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Southern Ocean Smock


This is the most breathable, Water proof and durable gear that we make. Designed for the most extreme wet-weather conditions, the Southern Ocean smock will never let you down.

The model is 185cm high and wears an M

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GORE-TEX® PRO is the only membrane that's durably waterproof enough to take the abuse that our sport throws at it. The sophisticated membrane offers a superior level of breathability. GORE-TEX® PRO is entirely windproof, protecting for longer against an icy breeze. Tested and Proven during 25 years of offshore and ocean racing GORE-TEX® PRO remains the industry benchmark


4DL™ is a new four-layer durable laminated reinforcement. Lamination means no water pocket is created behind the patch, taking longer to dry. No sewing and seam taping a patch significantly reduce seam failure in a high-stress zone.Thanks to this technology, there's zero water absorption - totally impenetrable to water


TW240 is our toughest laminate with GORE-TEX Pro fabric at 240g/m2. It’s used on our Ocean range of products. When sailing in the most brutal conditions – we’re talking Southern Ocean here – it’s critical to use a fabric that is heavy enough to maintain a barrier of insulating air inside the garment, and durable enough to resist tears and abrasion from outside. Nothing less than TW240 will cope


A super-thin, incredibly stretchy 1.2mm glideskin neoprene forms an entirely watertight seal at the neck and wrist. In addition, a protective external layer of nylon makes DuraSeal™ much tougher and stops UV degradation.