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Trimmers Fast Dry Shorts FW


These high-performance feminine-fit race Shorts use high stretch, fast dry lightweight fabric and are the most comfortable flexible shorts you’ve every worn.

Das Modell ist 175 cm groß und trägt Größe XS.

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Breathable garments are air permeable. This benefit is most useful during physical activity, when there is an increase in body heat inside the garment. The breathability of the fabric allows moisture vapor transfer (MVT) or the capacity for warm.


Our UV40+ protection fabrics are designed to offer reliable defence against the sun's rays while you sail. With a sun protection rating of at least 40+, this fabric provides an effective barrier against UV damage, protecting your skin during long days at sea. Combining performance and style, it is ideal for sailors seeking comfort and protection without compromise.


Our stretch fabric products offer maximum freedom of movement for sailors. Made of stretchy and durable materials, they guarantee comfort and adaptability when manoeuvring under sail. Perfect for meeting the challenges of the sea with agility and confidence, they are the ideal choice for sailing enthusiasts looking for optimal performance and uncompromising comfort.