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Women's NSX Trousers


Robust 3-layer Water proof Trousers with the durability, High and comfort for everyday inshore sailing. While not as breathable as our Women's GORE-TEX Pro Race Trousers, NSX is lightweight and exceptionally durable.

Das Modell ist 175 cm groß und trägt Größe XS.

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Garments intended to protect the wearer from the harshest conditions: waterproof fabrics, seams, zippers, pockets and closures constructed in order to prevent water from entering the garment and to protect the wearer from the elements. Secure cuff-closures, storm-flaps over zippers, protected pockets and adjustable hoods provide additional waterproofing protection.


Recycled means that a material or product that has been treated using a special process so that it can be used again. At North Sails, we are aware of the dependence that the fashion industry has on non-renewable and finite resources.


TW180 is our NS TECH non Gore Tex laminate at 180g/m2. When inshore or on short offshores cruising (spanning one or a few days), minimising the weight of foul weather gear benefits both human and boat performance. TW180 strikes the perfect balance between performance and the required durability for this environment


North Sails Performance innovates 3-layer waterproof, breathable, durable comfort for inshore sailing. The 3-layer NSTEC offers high-resistance waterproof protection with 20,000W/P – giving robust protection against coastal spray or quick-changing weather fronts. Built-in breathability at 6,000MPV prevents internal condensation and keeps you comfortable even after periods of high exertion.