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Story Contributors: Giulio Desiderato, Maurice O’Connell


Upwind Trim with Special Guest Federico Michetti

North Sails Melges 24 experts, Olympians and World Champion sailors Maurice ‚Prof‘ O’Connell and Giulio Desiderato joined by five-time World Champion, Federico Michetti in an interactive webinar focused on maximizing your downwind speed.

5:45 Light Wind (3-6 knots)
9:55 Jibe Technique: Late Main Jibe
14:36 Light to Medium Wind (7-9 knots)
18:56 Medium Wind ( 9-14 knots)
27:55 Jibing Techniques – Normal or „Mexican“?
41:26 – Strong Wind (15-20 knots)
48:21 Super Strong Wind (25+ knots)

Learn about the North Sails fast Melges 24 sails.

Story Contributors

Let’s Talk Melges 24 | Downwind Technique headshot
Giulio Desiderato

One Design Expert — Carasco, Italy

Giulio started working for NS in 2015. He graduated in Economics and Commerce and then competed for several years in the 470, participating in three Olympic campaigns.He won the Italian title twice and earned a spot on the podium three...

Let’s Talk Melges 24 | Downwind Technique headshot
Maurice O’Connell

One Design Expert, Sail Expert — Myrtleville, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland Maurice "Prof" O'Connell is a man of many talents who can be found helming an Offshore Race Boat in the RORC Caribbean 600 or sailing a Mirror Dinghy in Cork Harbor with his children. “Prof” as he is...

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