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Low-Stretch Performance In Woven Polyester Sails

Our patented NPC RADIAN warp-oriented sailcloth is a unique non-laminated polyester material suitable for radial panel construction. Uncrimped warp yarns are interwoven with specially shaped fill yarns, allowing a more sophisticated radial panel construction than a traditional cross-cut layout. With NPC Radian, sailors can enjoy lower stretch radial performance without films and glues.

NPC RADIAN is an ideal choice when:
  • You want the durability of woven polyester sailcloth
  • You require the improved shape-holding of tri-radial construction
  • You sail a small to mid-size performance cruising boat some club racing
  • You sail in a one design class where the sail design has been optimized with Radian sailcloth

NPC RADIAN Highlights

  • The first and only woven dacron suitable for radial panel sail construction
  • Proven durability of woven polyester
  • High tenacity polyester in a patented yarn shape
  • High resistance to flex, chafe, and UV damage
  • Race-winning one-design performance
RAW Sample Material Diagram
Recommended Use
  • NorDac Radian : High tenacity polyester, patented yarn shape, melamine impregnated finish 
  • NorDac Radian OLY : Additional exclusive high molecular weight urethane “OLY” coating (for one design sails)

Coastal / Offshore and Global Cruising / One Design and Club Racing

Available Colors
  • white
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