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Moderne asymmetrische Raumwind-Segel müssen dehnungsarm, leicht und sehr langlebig sein. North Vorwind Laminate werden speziell in unterschiedlichen Materialien gefertigt, um genau diese Anforderungen zu erfüllen.Unsere Xi Vorwind Segel werden in unterschiedlichsten Designs angeboten, um alle möglichen Konditionen des Vorwindsegelns abdecken zu können – für Küsten- und Offshore-Segler, Einrümpfer und Mehrrümpfer, Regatta oder Cruising.

Downwind Highlights

  • Superior sail types based on vast experience combined with structural analysis and aerodynamic modeling
  • Racing sails sized for rating or class rule optimization
  • Cruising sails sized for ease of use and handling
  • Sail handling options for Snuffers™ and Furlers
  • Wide Range of colors
  • Custom Graphics available
RAW Sample Material Diagram
Recommended Use
  • NorLon woven resin-impregnated RipStop Nylon for strength and durability (Cruising)
  • Urethane coated RipStop Nylon or Polyester for zero porosity and light weight (Racing)
  • Radial Paneled construction for smoothness and shapeholding
  • Highly refined construction detailing and standard features
  • Wide range of cloth styles and weights
Available Colors
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