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October 20, 2015

Congratulations to Rod Jabin and team Ramrod for winning the 2015 Farr 30 Worlds in Seattle, Washington. Racing with a brand-new set of North sails, Jabin attributed much of his success to his new sail inventory and a core group of sailors, including tactician Chris Larson and mainsail trimmer Darren Jones, who have sailed with Jabin for many years. “Our boat preparation, new sails, and teamwork gave us the edge for sure,” Jabin said. Congratulations to 2nd place Seabiscuit, 3rd place Through, and 4th place Patricia* who also sailed with North Sails inventories.

Jabin, who bought his Farr 30 in 2013, last raced in a World Championship the same year in Newport, RI, where Ramrod finished third overall. “We’ve been working hard for the last two years checking off the boxes to make sure the boat is in the best shape it can be.” said Jabin, owner of Bert Jabin Yacht Yard in Annapolis, MD. “We paid special attention to planning out the right sail buttons to have the ideal sail inventory going into the World’s. The entire crew was fantastic but Darren and Chris are the ultimate crew members who consistently got us off the line and always made the boat go fast,” Jabin said.

Team Ramrod trained for the World’s in August at Chester Race Week in Nova Scotia, where there is a strong Farr 30 fleet. “We wanted to look at our new sails – 3DL™ mainsail, 3Di™ RAW jibs, and two new spinnakers – at Chester Race Week to see how they felt and performed. They were so good, one of the other Farr 30 owners ordered one of the same 3Di RAW jibs before the regatta was over! It didn’t take long for Darren to tune the rig and mainsail to his liking using North Sails’ Farr 30 CSD Tuning Guide. Immediately we knew the sail designs were fast, which gave us a lot of confidence heading to Seattle,” Jabin continued. “I couldn’t have been happier with the entire sail inventory we received from North Sails.”

“North Sails’ Farr 30 Class Sail Development (CSD) sails once again proved their strength with customers using both the 3Di and 3DL product lines with a lot of success,” said North Sails representative Chris Larson. “Rod is great to sail with. He never leaves a stone unturned when preparing for events, which makes it a pleasure to be part of the Ramrod program. I look forward to sailing with this team again to defend our title,” Larson concluded.

It’s too soon to say what will be on the schedule for team Ramrod next year. During the winter months, Jabin will give the boat a rest and will take good care of his new sail inventory. “We always take our sails off the boat during the winter and factory fold the kites. We lay out our upwind sails and give them a fresh water rinse to get rid of any salt water,” Jabin continued. “After they’re fully dry, we roll them and put them back in their sail bags and store them in a climate-controlled space to keep them dry. This routine has always proved to keep sails long-lasting. When we get them out in the spring, they’re ready to go and look great,” Jabin concluded.

North Sails congratulates all our customers who raced at the Farr 30 Worlds. For more information on Farr 30 CSD sails, visit the North Sails website.

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