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December 29, 2015

An IRC Overall Victory was within reach for the Rolex Sydney-Hobart contender Teasing Machine, until the wind completely died off the coast of Tasmania. Nevertheless, they went on to finish at the top of their class in IRC Div 3 and fulfill a lifelong dream for owner/driver Eric de Turckheim.

“When you’re sailing you cannot be disappointed. A race is a race, we arrived in a very good time and had a great race overall. Very varied conditions, we had a tough time at the beginning, but we know how to deal with that,” said Turckeim in an interview after reaching Constitution Dock.

“I would certainly consider coming back again. Dreams are dreams, doing the race one time is good, but we have to come back!”

For the Teasing Machine crew, the Hobart success comes off the back of a star-studded year. The team sailed fantastically to win IRC 1 at AAM Cowes Week and IRC Overall in the RORC Channel Race. The French team also placed 3rd at the Rolex Fastnet Race in IRC 1.

Launched last year, Teasing Machine sails with a complete North Sails inventory including 3Di upwind sails and nylon spinnakers. The boat is a 43’ Nivelt design, built by French boatyard Archambault and thus called an A13 (Archambault 13m).

Here’s to another year of great sailing in 2016, beginning with their next conquest: the Caribbean 600. We look forward to seeing more of this team!

*Image credit © Rolex/ Kurt Arrigo

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