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The North Sails Group is deeply saddened by the passing of Terry Kohler, owner of North Sails from 1984-2014. North Sails and all of its employees around the world would like to pass their condolences to the family Terry leaves behind, especially his wife Mary.

Terry bought North Sails from Lowell North upon North’s retirement in 1984. Terry was passionate about North Sails and helping North maintain it’s position as technology leader within sailmaking. A graduate of internationally renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Terry saw the huge potential in embracing technology. It is under his guidance that North Sails introduced 3D sailmaking and our technologically advanced manufacturing and logistical systems.

In 2008 Terry brought North Sails and Southern Spars under the North Technology Group, putting in motion the concept of “The Engine Above The Deck.” North Technology Group has since grown into a diverse family of companies serving marine and manufacturing markets worldwide. Each company was built on the principle of delivering advanced performance through superior technology and a commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer service.

Terry’s love of sailing spilled over into the wider sailing community. He was a generous supporter of the sport, in particular women’s sailing. Terry was especially interested in women’s match racing, having worked with the last US Women’s Olympic Team in 2012. Some of his greatest legacies will be the Sail Sheboygan Sailing Center and the non-profit Sailing Education Associate of Sheboygan (SEAS).

“Terry’s business acumen and discipline were the perfect fit for North Sails when he bought the company from Lowell,” commented Tom Whidden, CEO of North Technology Group. “He was first passionate about sailing but secondly passionate about making North a more business-like company. He was insistent on using computer technology and communications systems that were very progressive at the time. His aggressive approach to wild ideas is a trait that has been filtered through our entire company culture. Personally, I will miss Terry’s guide, but his passion for North will stay as part of our DNA.”

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