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January 28, 2017

Inaugural Excellence in Leadership Awards presented at North Sails “Meet in the Middle” Global Meeting

North Sails celebrates 60 Years in Business

Founded by Lowell North in 1957, North Sails is the leader in sailmaking technology and innovation. In celebrating our rich history, the brand’s inaugural Excellence in Leadership Awards were presented at the North Sails global sales meeting in Lisbon Portugal.

It was Lowell North’s philosophy that great sailors made great business people, and he famously dubbed his leadership team “The Tigers.”

The first two recipients, Robin Morgan and Tom (Tomac) McLaughlin are examples that have proven Lowell spot on.

Sailing legend and North Technology Group CEO Tom Whidden presented the first award of the evening to Robin Morgan. In Tom’s words, Robin was “one of the best salesmen who has ever been at North Sails. He is the kind of guy our brand is about.”

Robin has a considerable history with North Sails, first as a customer in 1967, and then hired by Dick Deaver in 1978. He joined North Sails at a time when the brand was fighting for their position in the industry. Upon accepting his award, Robin noted,

“North Sails is always trying to do better than anybody. This company is incredible because we’re determined to stay number one, always be number one and I really enjoy my association with North Sails.”

The second award of the evening was presented by Mike Toppa, to his mentor Tom (Tomac) McLaughlin. Tomac is one of Lowell’s original Tigers, having joined the San Diego loft on the handwork bench. Like Robin, Tomac is renowned as one of the best salesmen in the history of North.

On the 60th Anniversary of North and the trend to push speed records and sail limits, Tomac reflected on change. “Change is always a bit shocking and a bit frightening,” he remarked,

“Yet change will always be there and with change brings opportunity. As market leaders, North Sails is never sheltered from that. I know Lowell would be so proud of all the competence in this room tonight.”

Everyone at North Sails congratulates our first two Excellence in Leadership award recipients. Robin and Tomac have set the bar high, and we look forward to giving this annual award out in the future.

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