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March 10, 2017


North Powered Teams Dominate Latest Melges 24 World Rankings

The World Rankings are determined by performance and participation at official class series events. Overall results are taken from high point scoring systems and are determined by four key events sailed for each team, with the highest scores accumulated. Ambitions of the IMCA World Ranking System set the tone within the class globally, giving sailors the aspiration to travel and attend the key events that will determine their overall ranking. There are 4 Ranking categories: European, North American, Australasian, and World.

Latest Melges 24 World Ranked Teams:
European Ranking Champion: Andrea Racchelli on ITA735 Altea
North American Ranking Champion: Conor Clarke/Stu McNay on IRL829 Embarr
Australasian Ranking Champion: David Young on AUS746/655 The Kraken
Overall World Ranking Champion: Andrea Pozzi/ Giulio Desiderato on ITA841 Bombarda

Team Bombarda, #1 World Ranked Melges 24 Team ©Carlo Borlenghi

The Melges 24 is fast, fun and provides sailors with the thrill of high-performance racing amidst top-level competition. Truth be told, over 800 boats are racing all over the world today, and for a good reason! Designed by Reichel Pugh and Buddy Melges, the Melges 24 has grown in popularity since its introduction in 1997. That same year, the class held its first World Championship with 98 boats participating. There are established fleets across the globe in North America, Europe, and Australia, and more developing in parts of South America and Asia.

“Embarr” 2016 Melges 24 World Champions, #1 Ranked in the US ©Pierrick Contin

We caught up with Giulio Desiderato, tactician on ITA841 Bombarda and asked him about his teams’ accomplishment as the top boat in the Melges 24 Class World Rankings.

How long have you been sailing with Bombarda?
“I met Andrea Pozzi two years ago during a Melges 20 regatta. The first time that I worked with him, I was coaching his Melges 20 team during an event in Riva del Garda, Italy. From the beginning, we’ve started something good after some key events racing together. He called me, and I started sailing with him on the Melges 24, calling tactics. Ciampalini (“Ciampa”) was already with the Bombarda team while myself, Carlo Zermini and Nicolas Dal Ferro started after the World Championships in Denmark. It has been a perfect combination from the beginning.”

What was a highlight onboard from the Kieler Woche Regatta?
“Kieler Woche was the first victory for the Bombarda team. We were coming from a productive winter preparation and getting up to speed, faster and faster. We started the regatta focused on doing our best, and not on the end results. Sincerely, we did not think we would win the regatta. We ended up with an incredible score, winning the last two races of the regatta.”

Bombarda and Altea sailing upwind. ©Mauro Melandri

What’s your next event as a team?
“We have stopped our journey for now. Andrea will be really busy this year, and for the moment he is focused on improving his skills in the International Moth. We want to come back next year, determined as usual to do our best on this fantastic boat and competitive fleet.”

Do you sail together on any other boats?
“Actually, no. For our team, we are all good friends and we are constantly in contact with each other. We see each other all the time in different sailing circuits,  but at the moment we shall remain good enemies on the race course [heheheh!].”

“I’m speaking with the Pozzi family about another project, and will most likely have the pleasure again to sail with his team, calling tactics as usual, but this time in a bigger boat.”

How does it feel to be at the top of the Melges 24 World Rankings?

“Looking back, it’s incredible. As I told you before it has been a perfect journey. Our goal was to improve and grow up through every regatta, and now at the end of the season we can read the name Bombarda at the top of the world ranking. Andrea is one of the most passionate people I know, and I have to thank him for making this possible.”

Andrea Pozzi and his team Bombarda ©Carlo Borlenghi

Any advice for your competitors?
“Be focused on the journey and not the single race or regatta. Consider the team a group of friends and be determined to achieve the goal together. The strong point of Bombarda was that we didn’t give up. After a bad start or a wrong maneuver, or a bad tactical call we never got upset,  but we were always determined to do our best and come back as a team. Racing with them I understand why these guys are such successful sailors.”

Congrats to all teams taking the top spots in the Melges 24 World Rankings for this year, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

Team Altea, Ranked #1 in Europe ©Mauro Melandri

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