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North Sails NEWS

May 29, 2018


The North Sails clients in the Paper Tiger fleet have had an extremely successful season, dominating most podium positions, lead by Hayden Percy

The North Sails S-4 Stealth Paper Tiger Mainsail has dominated almost every event in the Paper Tiger Grand Prix Regattas in the 2017/2018 season in New Zealand. The wins also branched out to the recent Internationals in Melbourne, Australia, when the New Zealand team filled the podium, taking 1,2,3,4 using North Sails products

Hayden Percy is a name to follow in this class. He has won every regatta he has entered since moving to the North S-4 mainsail. Out of 48 starts, he has won 35 of those races, a fantastic scoreboard for any sailor.

Here is what Hayden had to say about his North Mainsail

“North’s sails are amazing. Their laminate sails are easy to use, its just like sailing with a Dacron again. It’s my 4th generation laminate and the easiest by far. If you buy a North you know what you’re getting, the same shape as everyone else and a sail that fits perfect first time. Used with the carbon battens is a winner.”

Over the 2017/18 season the S-4 has increased in popularity due to its winning results. Going from 18% of the fleet in the 2017 Nationals, to 33% in the 2018 Nationals, and this is still continuing to grow.

The S-4 mainsail was developed with the help of Mark Orams back in 2015. Mark was one of the instigators for stiffeners in the rigs. This is what North have used to match their sails to. The S-4 has been designed to be an easy sail to trim. Most laminate sails are quite firm and “locked in” which with most boats is fast, but with the Paper Tiger and its soft bendy mast you need a sail that works with that. The S-4 is built from a cross cut mylar that allows the sail to mould more easily to the mast shape but also have the ability to be powerful when needed.

North Sails Australia now have the S-4 Stealth Mainsail in stock, get in contact with the Australian team, Andrew Gavenlock, Ian Johnson & Vaughan Prentice.

For more details and information on the Paper Tiger sails, get in touch with class expert Derek Scott.