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June 14, 2018


North Sails In The Hub of Superyacht Activity

North Sails expanded their presence in Palma, Spain earlier this year to become the largest superyacht service facility in the world hub of superyacht activity. A larger sales and service team, increased capacity and expanded resources offer superyacht owners and crews market-leading customer service unrivaled anywhere in the world.

With a combined loft space of 6518m², 42 staff, three vehicles for sail transportation, two with 1.5-ton cranes, as well as storage for 2000 sails, North Sails in Palma is unquestionably the best destination in the world for quality superyacht service, capacity, and turnaround.

Well known sailing photographer Ian Roman joined the team in Palma last week to document North’s expanded presence. We shine a spotlight on Palma loft.

The combined North Sails Palma loft has three locations providing a range of services from purchasing new sails to Certified Service for the world’s largest yachts. Fiona Bruce is the Palma Site Manager and oversees operations for all three locations. Find a loft.

The loft floor at the Llucmajor location in Palma is 45 x 25 meters. It is one of two floors this size at the two-story location. The photo above shows a spinnaker from J Class SVEA.

North Sails Palma features modern high powered specialist sewing machines and rotating pits to handle sail repairs.

Two giant sail washing facilities are housed in Palma.

A superyacht sail can weight up to 1,900 kg. Purpose built trucks outfitted with 1.5-ton cranes help lift superyacht sails on and off the yachts.

The newly combined North Sails team features 42 sales and service staff. In addition to superyachts, this team is able to support all clients with boats of all sizes who either live in or are visiting Mallorca.

Palma houses a specialized storage to comfortably store 2000 sails. This is the only sail storage facility of its kind in the world.

Images © Ian Roman
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