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Story Contributors: Brian Hayes, Ched Proctor
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Jody Starck, Iain Jones and Skip Dieball to Represent the USA in Lima

Congratulations to Jody Starck, Ian Jones and Skip Dieball on securing the US Lightning berth for the 2019 PanAm Games in Lima, Peru. Held at the Buffalo Canoe Club the weekend of September 7-9, the event had six of the eight races contested in “Peru-like” conditions with 15-25 mph winds.

The winning team scored six race wins along with a 2nd and a 6th to dominate the series and best the team of Allan Terhune, JoAnn Fisher and Jody Lutz by 12 points. 2015 PanAm Silver medalist Justin Coplan finished 3rd followed by current North American Champion Ched Proctor in 4th and current North American Masters Champion Tom Allen in 5th.

Dave Sprague as PRO did an excellent job of running races with courses featuring four windward leeward legs with no offset mark. This made the jibe-set timing crucial to positions in the race.

North Notes:

  • 15 of the 45 sailors competing had either won a North American Championship or World Championship (or both) as a skipper or crew.
  • 15 boats competed with the top 14 using full North inventories.

Story Contributors

Lightning US PanAm Trials headshot
Brian Hayes

One Design Expert — Steelpointe Harbor, Connecticut

Brian has been a sailmaker at North for over 30 years. Starting out in handwork and layout he spent his early career in the Big Boat area sailing One Tonners and J35's amongst other offshore boats. In 1993 he transitioned...

Lightning US PanAm Trials headshot
Ched Proctor

One Design Expert, Sail Designer — Steelpointe Harbor, Connecticut

Ched Proctor started racing one design sailboats at Scituate Harbor Yacht Club on the south shore of MA when he was 10 and hasn’t stopped. He has worked at North Sails in Wisconsin, Melbourne, Australia (where he and John Bertrand...

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