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October 17, 2018

Development of 3Di began ten years ago and has continued at a rapid and accelerating pace ever since. 3Di is the sum of multiple technologies exclusive to North Sails, making it the ideal platform for creating new types of sails for a wide range of boats—from small boats to superyachts—around the world. For 2019, the unprecedented performance and longevity advantages of 3Di are available to everyone: family cruisers to circumnavigators, and club racers to pro sailors.


The Pure Performance, Boatspeed Benchmark

3Di RAW is the highest performance, lightest weight race sail on the market, setting a new benchmark for speed and shapeholding. Boats with 3Di RAW sails absolutely command podiums worldwide in the most competitive events and classes. For 2019, North has applied this advanced technology to a new product tier combining 3Di’s signature shape holding with an easy to read, easy to trim, and notably long-life racing sail that is perfect for Club Race sailors with smaller boats.


Around the World or Around the Race Course

The most rugged 3Di sail available, 3Di Endurance is engineered for extreme durability and shape holding whether racing or offshore cruising. François Gabart’s 3Di Endurance mainsail already had 45,000 miles on it BEFORE he set off on his successful Around The World Solo Record. This range of 3Di products feature highly protective outer filament tapes, creating a tough structure while retaining the exclusive shape stability of 3Di.


A New Class Of Superyacht Cruising Sails

New for 2019, Ocean provides high strength, reduced weight, and supreme reliability for cruising superyachts. Everything North Sails has learned as the preeminent builder of superyacht sails for more than three decades has been combined with current state of the art 3Di technology. Serious cruising yachts over 60 feet can now benefit from the proprietary blend of materials and exclusive engineering of 3Di Ocean. These sails are lighter, tougher and and easier to handle than any string sail counterpart.


The Dacron Cruising Sail Reinvented

Throughout 2018, 3Di NORDAC – a 100% polyester 3Di sail – has created a cruising revolution. 3Di NORDAC was named a Pittman Innovation Award winner by SAIL Magazine, and over 2500 3Di NORDAC sails have been delivered to glowing reviews from our customers. For 2019 our 3Di production capacity has been increased to meet demand for this innovative and exceptional product ideally suited to small to mid size cruising boats. All sailors want faster sails that last longer. 3Di NORDAC delivers.


3Di Composite Sailmaking for Fast Code Sails

The myriad benefits of 3Di now extend beyond upwind inventories and are available to sailors looking for state of the art asymmetric sails. 3Di Downwind proved its value during the recent Volvo Ocean Race where all sails, upwind and down, were 3Di (no more need to carry sewing machines onboard!). Cable Free Furling is now possible with our unique Helix Luff, where directly integrated 3Di structure eliminates the need for a separate, inefficient, cable.

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