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December 14, 2018


North Clients Dominate J/70 and Melges 24 Classes

📷 Kathleen Tocke/Bacardi Invitational

The inaugural event of the 2018-2019 Bacardi Winter Series in Miami faced light conditions, with only three races sailed. We caught up the J/70 class winner, Geoffrey Pierini for some quick insights about the regatta.

What was the key to maintaining your speed up and downwind?

Clean air as usual, proper weight placement and adjusting heading for wave angle.

Very tight results for the top five boats and an incredible amount of talent as well. What were the key factors that helped your team win the event?

Good starts and local knowledge.

Your crew members?

We had Thomas Barrows calling tactics, Ron Weed trimming, and Max Lopes on the bow.

Your North Designs?

XCS-2 Mainsail, J-6 High Clew and the AP Spinnaker.

How long have you been sailing the J/70 and what do you like the most about the class?

I’ve been sailing the J/70 for 6 years. The best of the J/70 class in my opinion is the high level of competition and international presence.

What’s next for Team 49?

All Miami events and the Worlds in the UK.

Light air J/70 tips from North Sails expert Tim Healy:

  1. Headstay sag adds depth to the jib.
  2. In light to moderate wind, having adequate headstay sag reduces the need for weather sheeting the jib.
  3. The shrouds should be tensioned to target 4-6″ of headstay sag at the jib mid-stripe and 1/2-3/4″ of mid-mast side sag.
  4. Mast side sag indicates that the mast is free to move/flex with little restriction of the lowers. This will allow the mast to be more flexible and dynamic in light air and increase headstay sag.
  5. It helps to remember that the middle of the jib luff does fall off (“sags”) to leeward, which changes your angle of attack to the wind.
  6. Conversely the mid-leech “rotates” to weather (hence reducing the need for windward sheeting)

The net result of these variables is the ability to point higher. So why is this so important and how do we get there?
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North Sails Results:

J/70 – 1, 2*, 4, 5, 8, 9 – Congratulations Geoffrey Pierini and Team 49
Melges 24 – 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9 – Congratulations Bruce Ayres and Team Monsoon

North J/70 Sails | North Melges 24 Sails

Bruce Ayres’s Monsoon, winner in the Melges 24 class. 📷 Kathleen Tocke/Bacardi Invitational