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February 4, 2019


The New, All-American Team Have Picked The World’s Leading Sailmaker In Its Quest For A Historic Victory

Stars Stripes USA Training
📸 Stars + Stripes Team USA

North Sails is proud to announce they have been selected to supply sails and design expertise to Stars + Stripes Team USA, one of the American challengers for the 36th America’s Cup. This follows the news (Nov 2018 ) that North Sails is the sailmaker of choice for defender Emirates Team New Zealand, and Challengers Prada Luna Rossa and INEOS TEAM UK, who are all vying to win the oldest trophy in international sport.

JB Braun, Director of Design and Engineering for North Sails, will also serve as technical director for Stars + Stripes Team USA. In doing so, JB joins an enviable roster of North Sails designers who are currently embedded with North Sails’ confirmed teams. They all bring with them expertise and innovation to a highly complex and competitive challenge in building a boat to win this event. As part of his role, JB will be looking at how to maximize all the elements that make the ‘Engine above Deck’ on these powerful foiling monohulls. He will also lead further development and optimization of the design package Star + Stripes Team USA have purchased from Emirates Team New Zealand.

JB Braun Stars Stripes USA
📸 Stars + Stripes Team USA

JB Braun commented: “I have been involved in the America’s Cup for over 18 years and in that time I have seen technology and innovation change things beyond recognition. But one thing remains the same – the fastest boat wins. That means every part of your boat, from the carbon hull and foils to the mast and sails, with an emphasis on the sailing team, have to be the very best and able to sail faster and smarter.”

“Our challenge this time, with a new boat and much to learn, is how we ensure we are sailing the boat close to optimum trim a higher percentage of the time than our competition. I am excited to be a part of Stars + Stripes Team USA and see how we develop the boat and team into a winning unit.”

Braun’s expertise with America’s Cup programs is rivaled by few. His America’s Cup career began with Young America in 2000, then he joined Stars + Stripes in 2003, followed by 12 years with Oracle Team USA. Braun was an integral part of the aero design and analysis that helped Oracle Team USA make their famous comeback during the 34th America’s Cup in San Francisco.

Staying true to their American roots, Stars + Stripes Team USA will work closely with the North Sails design and construction team in Minden, Nevada, the birthplace for North’s 3D sailmaking innovation.

Ken Read, President of North Sails, commented: “We pride ourselves at North Sails as having the best minds, known for pushing boundaries and finding answers to challenging problems. There is no doubt that this new boat will be cutting edge and very fast, but how you combine this new aero package with crew limitations and reliability will be the key to victory. JB is a proven success in the America’s Cup but more than that, he understands how to bring all the elements of design, technology and innovation together to create something that delivers. I am delighted that he has been able to join another Stars + Stripes team, this time with a new generation of sailors and a whole different ball game. I can only look forward to watching how things move from the design process to the sailing stage and where the teams get to with this new rule.”

Stars Stripes USA Buckley Canfield
Stars + Stripes Team USA Co-Founder Mike Buckley (L) and Helmsman Taylor Canfield (R) 📸 Stars + Stripes Team USA
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