North Sails NEWS

April 25, 2019


New 3Di Ji-4 Jib Now Available Across The Fleet

The One Design team at North Sails are never satisfied; they are continually striving and working to improve their products and provide their clients with the tools to raise their performance levels. Such is the case in Melges 20. Two years after first introducing 3Di technology to the class, North Sails are releasing a cutting edge 3Di jib to create a hugely competitive 3Di sail wardrobe across the boat. It was this 3Di mainsail and jib combination that saw STIG triumph in dramatic style in the recent World Championships in Miami. North Sails clients may have won the Melges 20 World Championships for the last seven years, but this does not mean the team rests on their laurels.

Over the winter, the experienced Class Leader Giulio Desiderato, worked with Europe’s leading designers and STIG to roll out the Ji-4. Developed by Giovanni Cassinari and Michele Malandra, with the help of One Design expert Mike Marshall, the team used North’s bespoke Membrane software to simulate the sail structure and design. Testing through February and March evolved a sail that ultimately powered STIG to victory in Miami.

“Simulating the data collected from the North team racing on the circuit with our in-house software, we were able to create a new generation of jib”

Commenting on the new 3Di jib, Giulio Desiderato added, “It was a dream team of designers with Giovanni, Michele, and Mike, and they did a fantastic job, working hard to create something really exciting. Our 3DL jib was a big success with our Melges 20 clients, powering many victories on the circuit, so we wanted to develop a 3Di jib that would be even more successful and work perfectly with our 3Di mainsail. Simulating the data collected from the North team racing on the circuit with our in-house software, we were able to create a new generation of jib with a completely changed layout, modified shape and new sail geometry. The sail is not only lighter, but the 3Di structure makes it more stable, and the new layout combines perfectly to produce a fantastic shape that delivers.”

The skipper of STIG, Alessandro Rombelli summarized the performance of the new jib: “The new 3Di for the Melges 20 is much more effective. The shape holds perfectly and is desirable in all conditions. The new 3Di Ji-4 jib was a great tool for our upwind performance.”

Giulio concluded, “This project really shows the potential when the unparalleled North Sails network combines the best experts in different fields to deliver a game-changing sail. I am excited about offering our clients this new product, and we won’t stop there, we’ll always keep looking to improve. I want to thank all the owners and sailors that bring so much energy and passion in deciding to work with us to reach our shared goal to constantly improve, and sail faster and faster.”

The new Ji-4 is now available for order and will be ready for delivery ahead of Act 2 of the World League. To learn more, please visit our class page.