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April 26, 2019


Helix Sails Create Higher Expectations

📸 Les Voiles St Barth Richard Mille

The 100’ super maxi Scallywag added Helix to their sail wardrobe in early April, just in time for Les Voiles de St Barth Richard Mille regatta. With limited testing days from install to start line, it was trial by fire.

“Scallywag switched over to North Sails at the end of 2018, and we are all thrilled with the decision we made,” remarked David Witt, Scallywag skipper. “Our team has set lofty goals and our boss wanted to make sure we have every opportunity and best shot to hit them. These new Helix sails have reset our expectations for boat speed, and we haven’t even fully unlocked its potential.”

Designing the team’s new 780 sq. meter A-3 was a groundbreaking and collaborative team effort involving North designers around the world. New Zealand-based sail designer Magnus Doole led the project, which included Mickey Ickert, Mike Schrieber, Steve Calder, and Brodt Taylor.

“Helix sails represent a very exciting new style of sail design and set up,” explained Doole. “Mike and I designed the base mold and ran refinements to the design through our North Design Suite; Spiral/Desman/WARPS/Membrain/Flow. Brodt and Steve were involved from a layout perspective, and Mickey acted as my sounding board and provided a feedback loop for this really intense project. All the while, I was checking in with Steve and JB Braun on their Helix design experience to date. Sail evolution brings out the best in North Sails as the collaborative work takes the guesswork out of the end product.”

North Helix sails with Load Sharing Technology are changing the narrative on the sail design and set up, and stepping into a whole new world of headsail performance. Get in touch with a North expert today and learn how Helix can help you raise your game.

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