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Skipper Mark Bradford Talks 3Di While Test Sailing

Super Maxi BlackJack skipper Mark Bradford spent the days leading up to the 2019 Sydney to Hobart running through a pre-race work list, which included putting the boat’s new North 3Di sails through their paces before heading offshore.

The team allowed us to tag along for a training day, and naturally, we had to ask them questions about their sails. Here are the highlights of what we learned from a team that is always pushing boundaries.

3Di Carries Across the Range

BlackJack’s mantra is to be fast in light air, and the new lightweight 3Di sails have improved the boat’s performance under 8 knots. BlackJack has recently added Helix, further increasing the versatility of its inventory.

Durability Matters

3Di improves both strength and durability. “The miles and hours that we can put on the sails these days are just far superior to what we have seen in the past and what competing sailmakers can offer,” Bradford says. “North Sails engineering and manufacturing processes are second to none, and our confidence is extremely high that the failure rate will be next to nothing.”

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Mark Bradford

Managing Director, One Design Expert, Sail Expert — Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia Mark's One Design background is in 125's, 420's, 470's, Etchells, Star Class and Farr 40. This interest has seen him compete in 19 World Championships. He also has experience in the America's Cup working with BMW Oracle from...

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