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February 25, 2020

Get The Most From Your Racing Experience!

Biscayne Bay is a great place to sail in March. Whether you’re a newbie to sailing in South Florida or a seasoned veteran, we’ve collected some of our best advice—both class-specific and general—to help you have your best Miami regatta, ever.

What To Expect in Biscayne Bay

We asked the local Star and Snipe World Champion Augie Diaz to explain what sailors should expect when they leave the docks. Learn more from Augie as he shares his secret to success.

Learn to Love Sailing in Heavy Air

It is not unusual to feel intimidated by a strong breeze, so we have put together three key pointers to help your team feel more prepared in these testing conditions.

Can the New Star Designs Repeat History?

Eric Doyle and Payson Infelise claimed Star fleet victory at the Bacardi Cup 2019 with new M-25 Mainsail and J-115 Jib designs. Hear how they came to beat seven World Champions and multiple Olympic medalists in Miami.

Jibing Like A Hero

A successful jibe is vital when racing in all conditions. We’ve broken down each step to help you successfully accomplish these maneuvers that can make or break your race result.

Perfecting 3Di for the Melges 24

As the world leader in One Design sailmaking, North Sails recently introduced a latest generation M-2 mainsail and J-3 jib. Learn more from Melges 24 Class Sail Expert Giulio Desiderato on how these regatta-winning designs came to be.

Lessons Learned from Rounding First

Mike Marshall explains two mental traits that will help you maintain the top spot amidst the pressure of rounding first.

Define Your Speed

Pulling all the pieces together can be challenging. Our Speed Guides will help you leverage our expertise to make the most of your sailing at the Bacardi Cup.

Viper 640 | Melges 24 | J/70


Why is Headstay Sag Fast Upwind in Light Air?

One design expert Tim Healy, describes how headstay sag affects sail shape and why manipulating these controls can be a risk worth taking.

Five Downwind Modes

Displacement mode, wing-on-wing, or full plane? Understanding the J/70’s different downwind modes will help you make the right move at the right time.

Speed Reading: Setting Goals

Setting goals is important for success, regardless of your experience. Hear more from sail expert Zeke Horowitz as he explains how to put your winning formula to work this sailing season.

Need Overnight Repairs?

The Fort Lauderdale team is here for you with overnight sail service and repairs during the regatta. Call the service team to arrange a sail pick up at 631-805-4949.

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