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Story Contributors: Melissa Woods, Sheila Van Deusen


Introducing Sheila Van Deusen & Melissa Woods: North Sails Human Resources Administration

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we introduce two women who make our company great. Both Melissa and Sheila focus on employee relations. Through their passion for each individual who is part of our global network, they play an intricate role in retainment and quality of life for North Sails employees. The HR department also provides essential regulatory compliance and fosters relationships with North Sails employees worldwide.

Sheila Van Deusen came to North Sails after a 28-year tenure in the casino industry. “I didn’t know much about the business or manufacturing. And working in sailmaking was something new, so I thought I’d give it a try.”

Though HR is similar across a variety of companies, Sheila loves it because there is never a set routine. “There’s always diverse responsibilities, and that is exciting. I like working with people, so this job suits me perfectly.” She also appreciates that the sailmaking industry is evolving. “The industry is continuously changing, which keeps people engaged and stimulated whether they have been here for twenty years or two months.”

Sheila believes it’s essential to work as a team, and transparent communication is vital. “One of my main goals is to support the employees and allow them to feel comfortable coming to me if they need help. Our employees need to establish long-term steady income and benefits so they can provide for their families. Both the employee and company benefit from the long term relationship. For newer employees, it’s our responsibility to get them to feel a connection to the company and our values.”

“Sheila dove into her HR position in a hurry and knew all the 110 employees by name within one week. If you ever feel stressed, step into Sheila’s office, and her calm demeanor will put you at ease within five minutes.”- Per Andersson, 3D General Manager

Sheila commented, “I’m thankful I had the opportunity to take on this role with North Sails,” Sheila adds. “My position helps create the vision and flow for the company, establishing core values, and helping employees understand just how important they are to the business as a whole.”

“My skills, experience, and background have brought a different perspective of how Human Resources can operate in Minden, NV. I feel I have the liberty to create a path into areas where I’d like to be more involved. The people that work here are amazing, and I feel fortunate to be a part of this group.

Melissa Woods is Human Resources Assistant and is approaching her five-year mark with North Sails. She enjoys working for North Sails due to the integrity and professionalism of the workplace. North Sails promotes an open and positive work environment, which in turn nurtures honest, dependable employees. Melissa handles all of the new hires, employee records, recognition, and offers her support with administrative time to time.

“Melissa makes sure Minden guests are properly greeted, have the best accommodations, and are taken care of in high order. She’s a great addition to the North Sails team because she’s always happy to help whenever needed, and she always does it with a smile!”- Per Andersson, 3D General Manager

“Working with Sheila has been great. She’s pushed me to become a better communicator and has also helped me to expand my viewpoints,” Melissa says. “She’s taught me different ways to approach our work and complements our team in many ways. I respect and admire how she can handle difficult situations with ease and composure. I look forward to learning more from her.”

Melissa signed on first as a temporary employee in September of 2015 and quickly established herself as a trustworthy and capable co-worker. She says North Sails provides a positive work culture, “and through training, we try to set up our employees for success right when they first get their foot in the door. We are always looking for ways to keep our employees and temps involved, motivated, and excited to be here.” Recognition awards, Christmas parties, and company picnics all make a significant impact, she adds.

Melissa enjoys working for the company and says, “the best thing about where I work is the people I get to work with here. We have a great team here in Minden. We spend a lot of time collaborating ideas, finding ways to make them happen. I am honored to be a part of a company that takes pride in their product and always looks for ways to stay ahead in an ever-changing industry.”

“A company like North Sails continues to evolve and innovate its product. That’s why we get the best at all levels. The amount of care that our team puts into what they produce can’t be beaten.”

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