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Story Contributors: Kicker Schäfer, Miklas Meyer


All Things Optimist

North Sails experts Kicker Schäfer and Miklas Meyer talk all things Optimist.


Story Contributors

Let’s Talk Optimist [German] headshot
Kicker Schäfer

One Design Expert, Sail Expert — Bayern, Germany

After working with North Sails for 25 years, Christian (Kicker) Schäfer is now heading up One Design in Germany. As well as being a sales role, the position focuses on developing new products, working with the design team and overseeing...

Let’s Talk Optimist [German] headshot
Miklas Meyer

Office Manager, One Design Expert — Hamburg, Germany

Miklas Meyer joined the North Sails team in October of 2014. He chose North Sails because he believed it to be a great opportunity to start his career. Taking the position also allowed him to work on a vast array...