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Do-It-Yourself Masks are Packed and Ready for Delivery

North Sails DIY Face Mask Kits

Personnel, lofts, clients, and friends of North Sails are navigating this global crisis together. 

Many of our local Certified Service Centers have taken the initiative in their areas to build masks when possible and support their communities. We are humbled by the positive feedback we’ve received and have done our best to supply usable yet non-government approved cotton masks yet in limited quantities. 

Sail lofts like ours across North America are set up with machines built to repair big, heavy sails, and these machines, unfortunately, don’t lend themselves to any small item manufacturing, including masks. But, there has recently been a surge in interest for people to build their own masks with home sewing machines. There are many “how-to” videos online showing how easy it is, so we have incorporated this idea with our ability to cut large quantities of fabric and elastic.  

North Sails are now offering pre-cut and sew mask kits that provide the material and instructions for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) masks. DIY mask kits are available to everyone (even our non-North sailmaking friends) and can be ordered now. The kits come in a pack of 20 and are $20 USD plus shipping and handling. All orders will be shipped from our manufacturing loft in Milford, Connecticut.

We feel that DIY kits are a way to offer mask support in a real quantity and get them to families in a hurry. Time to break out your old Singer sewing machine that has been gathering dust in the back closet!

*Update – we’re doing our best to keep up with the demand for the DIY kits. You can still place orders and we’ll be in touch if stock is running low. Your credit card will not be charged until your order is ready to ship.


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Please note that we not promoting use of fabric masks as a good alternative to medical grade masks. We are not making any claims as to the effectiveness of the homemade masks. We are not trying to say medical professionals should not have or do not deserve to have N95 masks. Instead, we are simply sharing the fact that some hospitals, care centers, etc., have asked for these masks to be donating so they can use them as a last resort due to the extreme shortage of N95s right now. These masks may be used in lower risk situations so N95s can be conserved during this extreme shortage. Please see the info from the CDC and contact your local health care institutions if you would like to help.

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