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North Sails is excited to announce they are the official sail partner of the inaugural Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy. The event will take place June 27-28, 2020 between Cascais and Sesimbra, Portugal. This new event will feature a cash prize pool of over €30,000, which includes a €16,000 prize for First Place. The overall winner will also be awarded the first-ever official Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy.

“North Sails is honored to partner with Mirpuri Sailing Foundation and be named Official Sailmaker to their first Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy,” commented North Sails President Ken Read. “A huge congratulations and thank you to the foundation who have found a way to help sailors go racing this summer. With the added bonus of all race registrations being donated to supporting ocean conservation, the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy is a great way to kick-off the sailing season. Good luck to all competitors, and we look forward to supporting you on the ground with overnight sail service and sharing your experience with North Sails followers around the globe.”

Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy is a plastic-free sustainable regatta, and a charitable event, with team registration fees in this first edition to be donated to Marine Conservation programs. The Mirpuri Foundation maintains innovation by promoting the first health controlled race in the world, with a dedicated medical team ensuring all staff and sailors are in good health and free of Covid-19.

Ana Agostinho, Head of Public Relation commented on behalf of Mirpuri Foundation:

“The Mirpuri Foundation, as a well-established organization fighting for sustainability and for the future of our planet, choses its partners wisely, as they must share the same vision and the same goals. We are pleased to have North Sails joining the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy, the first international regatta after the start of the pandemic, the first world’s health-controlled race and one that will try to put the environment back on the global agenda. We sincerely hope, and look forward to counting on  thsupport of North Sails many more editions.”

For those who are unfamiliar, The Mirpuri Foundation has a legacy in competitive sailing as a global platform to share important messages of marine conservation and encourage positive change to better impact the planet. “The Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy aims to be one of the main sailing events in the world”, says Paulo Mirpuri, President of the Mirpuri Foundation, “Marine conservation is a key cornerstone of our activities at the Foundation and provides the inspiration for The Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy. We believe in the power of sport to bring people together and raise awareness of the challenges our planet is facing. Sailing provides us with a direct link to the beautiful but fragile oceans that we all rely on so heavily.”

North Sails Cascais will onsite to provide overnight repair services, including pickup and delivery service for all sailors during the regatta. From departure is from Cascais (where the North Sails Cascais Loft is based) to Sesimbra (where teams will spend the night from Saturday to Sunday). Please contact the loft directly at +351 916 830 166 speak with our service team using the email address below or phone Vincente Pinheiro at: +351 916 857 896.


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Have questions about getting involved? Please send all inquiries to Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy.


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About the Mirpuri Foundation

The Mirpuri Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Portugal and founded by entrepreneur Paulo Mirpuri with the aim of contributing to a better world for future generations. With its belief that leading by example is the best way to change mindsets, the Mirpuri Foundation fosters cooperation between legislators, corporations, communities, and individuals.The Mirpuri Foundation acts in six distinct areas: Marine Conservation, Wildlife Conservation, the Performing Arts, Social Responsibility, Medical Education and Research, and Aeronautical Education and Research. The foundation’s commitment to sustainability is transversal and is reflected in all its activities. The Mirpuri Foundation is synonymous with technology, research, information, and innovation. Allied to these characteristics are the values of integrity, perseverance, and altruism in order to better impact the planet.

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