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Vendée Globe 2020 – Episode 6

Among the 33 skippers who will be advancing tomorrow, Sunday, November 8th, from Sables-d’Olonne at 13:02 CET, 22 are equipped with North Sails 3Di, (17 have a full inventory and 5 have a partial inventory). Onboard their IMOCA, the skippers will cover 40,075 km, which will take up to three months to reach the finish line.

Episode 6 of our Vendée Globe video series drops just in time for the start of this around-the-world adventure. In this episode, we have a masterclass on the sails that power the super-charged IMOCAs. Charal skipper Jérémie Beyou, and PRB skipper Kevin Escoffier join North sail designers Quentin Ponroy and Yann Andrillon on the evolution of sails and what it takes to outfit the latest generation foiler.

  • #GoBeyond