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What Did JB Braun See During the America’s Cup World Series?

Ask a sail designer what they saw during the America’s Cup World Series, and you won’t be surprised by their answer – sails of course! JB Braun, our Director of Design and Engineering, is a six-time Cup veteran and one of the most respected sail designers in the world. Like many of us around North Sails, he was glued to his screen last week to watch the action unfold on the water in Auckland.

We asked JB to share his unique perspective on this edition of the Cup and how the North-powered engine above deck helps the AC75s fly.


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JB Braun

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JB Braun, Director of Design and Engineering for North, is one of the world's leading sail designers. Joining North Sails in 1999, JB served as the lead designer and aerodynamic coordinator for the Volvo Ocean Race [Now known as The...

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