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The Team, the Tools, and the Technology

You can imagine the future or you can be a part of it. Lowell North decided to be a part of it– and lead it. When he started North Sails, Lowell North’s philosophy was simple…get the best people and commit yourself to make the best product. Be clear, creative, methodical and competitive in spirit. Surpass your wildest imagination. 

Over the last three months, teams powered by North Sails have achieved remarkable results. Our customers commanded the Vendée Globe top 10. Luna Rossa went head to head with INEOS Team UK to win the Prada Cup. Emirates Team New Zealand successfully defended the America’s Cup. And the 49er and 49erFX Olympic classes unanimously selected North 3Di one design sails for the 2024 Olympic cycle.

Those pinnacle events are all an integral part of the North Sails culture and share two important elements: the North Design Suite and 3Di sail structures. But the real power of North Sails is the seamless collaboration of our global team. And the range of our recent successes—from offshore to inshore to one design—sheds light on the hundreds of projects being moved forward every day by the collaborative efforts of North Sails designers, manufacturers, and sail experts around the world. We all benefit and learn, and as a result, so do our customers.

Lessons Learned

Currently, our design team is working through the intensive debrief that always follows the America’s Cup. Comments received from the teams highlight confidence in the North Design Suite to engineer both sails and key boat components. We’ll be sure to update you once the review is complete. 

Navigating What Comes Next

2020 took the entire world by surprise. But even as we found ourselves limited to our homes and North manufacturing reduced operations, we were inspired by the creativity of our local sailing communities to get back out on the water. A global reset, but definitely not a retreat from the sport.  

Demand in 2021 for North sails is way up, which is a positive sign for our sport. Like many companies worldwide, we are navigating supply chain issues, which brings a new form of uncertainty. It’s a new challenge for North Sails, but the behind-the-scenes support functions are adjusting by adding new employees to increase design and production capacity and expanding shipping options from all seven North manufacturing sites. More than ever, we are committed to getting your orders delivered and maximizing your time on the water. 

An Influx of Innovation

The sport of sailing has seen significant innovation in the past three years, and North Sails is at the heart of this development. North 3Di was onboard with 22 of the 33 teams participating in the Vendee Globe 2020-21. Seven sail designers were embedded amongst three America’s Cup teams, and our 3D loft in Minden, Nevada, manufactured all their AC75 sails. Equally crucial to winning is the experience we gain. We are so proud to be leading our sport, transferring what we learn into all sails that we make for the future. With over six decades of expertise, North Sails remains the company to provide the experience you expect and more.

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