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Episode 4 of Our “What is…” Series Focuses on 3Di, the World’s Most Advanced Sailmaking Technology

In episode four, we’re here to explain North 3Di– the most advanced sail technology available exclusively from North Sails. Over the last five months, North 3Di has made some of the most prestigious wins in sailing possible. Why? Well, North 3Di is a sailmaking revolution that produces sails that are both high-performance and reliable.

But wait, how can it be both?

Well, to start, the 3Di technology is made possible because of three components. One: spread-filament tapes. Two: a sail shape set on a full-size 3D mold. And, three (which is the most significant) the elimination of Mylar.

Now that we’ve caught your attention and we’re fairly confident you’re now buzzing for more information, sit back and hit play. Watch the video to find out all there is to know about North 3Di technology.

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