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Story Contributors: Ken Read, JB Braun


Ken Read, JB Braun, and Dave Lenz discuss why the North Sails design team is a force to be reckoned with

North Sails boasts a design team with unparalleled breadth and depth, resulting in sails that are, naturally, ‘better by design.’ With a team of 60-strong, North Sail designers are innovators and opinion leaders, and their collective experience is our competitive advantage. In Episode 2, we sit down with two figureheads on this team to better understand how the North Sails designers work together to create the world’s best products. JB Braun, Director of Design and Engineering at North Sails, is the driving force behind the group. A successful sailor in his own right, JB has been the designer of record for some of sailing’s most high-profile projects, including Oracle Team USA’s historic comeback in the 34th America’s Cup. Design teammate Dave Lenz is the North Sails European Design Manager, based in the Gosport sail loft. Lenz is also a huge asset to North Sails and is essential to managing and herding the group into this tour de force. Together, Braun and Lenz oversee a roster of the industry’s most talented and sought-after expertise. From performance racing to performance cruising, the team at North Sails is driven and determined to lead sailing into the future. 

Loft 57 Episode 2 features host and North Sails President Ken Read, JB, and Dave discussing why the North Sails design team is a force to be reckoned with. 

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Story Contributors

Loft 57, Episode 2: Better by Design headshot
Ken Read

President — Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Ken Read is one of the world’s most accomplished and celebrated sailors. He holds 51 World, North American, and National Championships; he is a two-time America’s Cup skipper; raced two Volvo Ocean Race campaigns as skipper and, he holds eight...

Loft 57, Episode 2: Better by Design headshot
JB Braun

Sail Designer —

JB Braun, Director of Design and Engineering for North, is one of the world's leading sail designers. Joining North Sails in 1999, JB served as the lead designer and aerodynamic coordinator for the Volvo Ocean Race [Now known as The...

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