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Helix Now Standard In All North Code Sails


World leader in sailmaking technology, North Sails constantly pushes the boundaries of performance. 2022 is a landmark year for the brand’s Helix Structured Luff technology, as it is now announcing that the revolutionary design philosophy has been made standard on all North racing Code sails and the Helix Furling Gennaker for cruising, effective immediately. Furthermore, North Sails has moved to expand its range to include Helix as an upgrade for headsails.

In its relatively short life to date, the impact of Helix has been a revelation. As of January 2022, North Sails has sold over two thousand Helix Code Sails, with incredible results surfacing from across classes, from Grand Prix teams to weekend sailors. With these two bold developments, North Sails intends to extend the legacy of this game-changing innovation, which it envisions becoming a flagship design philosophy, synonymous with the North Sails name itself.

The Evolution of Helix

Once limited to offshore Grand Prix, Helix Code sails have quickly become the go-to tool for improving aerodynamics and increasing range. With its unique DNA-like structured luff, Helix has given sailors another gear offwind, enhancing power potential by optimizing load sharing, for a proactive, positive sail shape.

A defining moment in its development, the 36th America’s Cup saw Helix applied to upwind sails for the first time (and to great effect), with Emirates Team New Zealand, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, and INEOS Team UK displaying unprecedented speed and control upwind.

“Today Helix is more than a single feature,” explains JB Braun, North Sails Director of Design and Engineering. “It’s a total design philosophy that radically changes how sails are engineered, built, and flown. Guided by a bespoke, data-driven process, North Sails designers engineer each sail’s structure to improve its aerodynamics.”

The Benefits

In most cases, the result of this process is a reduction in load running through your equipment, having the obvious immediate effect of minimizing wear and tear. However, the primary benefit, in terms of performance and practicality, of both Helix Upwind and Offwind is a versatile inventory that carries across a wide range, while also reducing the number of sails required.

Helix Offwind

Helix Offwind can reduce the overall load on any free-flying sail, whether 3Di or panel construction, for a more forward projecting sail and increased range. Featuring a stretch-resistant structured luff and purpose-built high torque Luff Cord exclusively available to North Sails from its sister company Future Fibres, Helix Offwind sails deliver enhanced stability, improved luff projection, and reduced head and tack loads.

Helix Upwind

Exclusive to North 3Di sails, Helix Upwind harnesses the sail’s composite structure in a new way to dramatically improve camber control. With its Dynamic Structured Luff, Helix Upwind defies conventional design limitations. Engineered for Active Camber Control™️, with Helix you can adjust the shape and depth of the entire sail, not just the luff – ​​controlling power on the fly using a Cunningham or halyard for a wider range of use.

Helix Quick Guide

Helix Offwind and Upwind sails are available for order now.
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