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Danish Kiteboarding Daredevil Nick Jacobsen and Aero Engineers Chris Williams and Steve Calder Stop by Loft 57

North Sails is the largest division of the North Technology Group, a diverse family of brands focused on all things wind, water, and getting out on the ocean.  In this episode, we are joined by our friends from NorthActionsports, the brand behind North Kiteboarding and North Windsurfing.

North Kiteboarding athlete and big air champion Nick Jacobsen is a pioneer in his sport. This Danish Daredevil knows no limits and is no stranger to hair-raising stunts, like kiting off the world’s tallest hotel. Nick has a thirst for innovation and adventure just like our founder Lowell North.

Currently, sail designers Chris Williams and Steve Calder are pulling double duty, applying their expertise to exciting new projects within Actionsports. Williams is on board full-time as the project leader for North Windsurfing, working with the team on the relaunch of the windsurfing brand and the introduction of their new 3Di sail. Calder, while still full-time as a sail designer, is pairing his years of design experience with his passion for kiting, and applying the “scientific sailmaking” approach to kite and foil design. 

Episode 3 is a tack from our normal programming but we had a blast discussing how North is applying aero-engineering and high-performance innovation to another wind-powered sport.

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