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Story Contributors: Quinny Houry, Brad Favelle


One All Purpose Site Elevates Customer Service to Unprecedented Levels 

📸 Ian Roman

Palma, Mallorca Spain, April 21 2022 – North Sails has strategically relocated all their sales and service into one Palma location. Effective immediately the secondary loft space in Llucmajor is closed with all loft functions now concentrated within the Palma loft, located minutes from Palma Harbour and the closest facility to STP (Servicios Técnicos Portuarios) where North Sails also boasts a dockside office. The Palma loft has doubled in size by obtaining the space adjacent to the current structure and creating a mirror image of the existing loft space. The newly configured space is now Palma’s largest dedicated sailmaking and service facility.

According to Quinny Houry, Site Manager, “the consolidation of the two loft sites in Mallorca into one 4,720m/sq site with 700m/sq of sail storage just 10 minutes from the water has enabled us to focus on client care and raise it to a level that is unprecedented in the industry.”

North Sails Palma houses over 30 experts including sail designers, sailmakers and service professionals  in a one-stop full-service centralized location. Loft services aim to provide a unique customer experience that  include concierge-style sail removal and installation, sail design service, emergency repair, dedicated pick up and delivery services and year-round sail storage. With support available 365 days a year and an extremely convenient location the new loft layout raises the standard of excellence in sail care and customer service for sailors in Europe. “Expanding into the one building to combine the team’s expertise and utilize a more effective and efficient layout. The new loft set up offers unrivaled access to world-class sales and sail care professionals for superyachts and local yachtsmen alike,” says Brad Favelle, Operations Manager. 

North Sails Palma
Poligono Industrial Son Morro,
Carrer Ca Na Melis, 11a,b,
07007 Palma, Balearic Islands



📸 Ian Roman

Story Contributors

North Sails Expands Palma Sales and Service Facility headshot
Quinny Houry

Site Director — Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Quinten “Quinny” Houry is a Superyacht specialist with more than two decades of experience. Based in Palma de Mallorca, he works with both owners and captains all around the world to develop and refine the sails that power these incredible...

North Sails Expands Palma Sales and Service Facility headshot
Brad Favelle

Operations Manager — Llucmajor, Mallorca, Spain

Originally from Northern Sydney, Australia, Brad spent his childhood sailing dinghies and skiffs and had his first taste of yacht racing at a young age in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race. During his time in Australia, he started in the...

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