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North Sails Own Software: The Most Powerful Design Tools in the Industry

In this episode of What Is we show you how our designers bridge the gap between concept and reality using the powerful North Design Suite™. The concept is founded on advanced mathematical modeling and powered by data captured from decades of experience. It is the reason North sails are ‘Better by Design.’

The North Design Suite™ software empowers the most talented sail designers in the world to successfully and repeatedly create the best shapes in the industry. This proprietary suite of software virtually builds a 3D model of a sail and rig to determine the ideal flying shapes, as well as the stresses and strains occurring in the sail and rig. All sail designers at North Sails, including embedded America’s Cup team designers, rely on the five different programs that comprise the North Design Suite™ to design and build sails.

The North Sails design team and their proprietary tools are driven and developed through analysis and innovation. This combination creates the most sought-after expertise in the industry. It’s also the competitive edge that keeps North Sails, and our clients in a class above the rest.


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