Catalina Sails

Catalina Sails

Choose from Mainsails, Headsails,
Downwind, & helix structure luff

Your Best Days on Your Catalina are Powered by North

Do you take your Catalina day sailing, racing, or long-distance cruising? Whatever your adventure, you’ll find the perfect sails for your boat from North Sails. Our sailing experts will ensure your custom sail fits your boat. 

We know what makes a good Catalina sail because we’ve been working with Catalina sailors for years. Whether you’re looking for a mainsail, headsail, gennaker, or spinnaker, North has you covered.

When you buy a North Sail for your Catalina, you know it will fit your boat, have the right shape, and function correctly. That means you can leave the harbor with no worries and an eye on your destination.

Make your next sail more fun with the speed and point you’ll get with a new sail from North. Your best days on the water are to come with a custom Catalina sail. Reach out to a sailing expert and get out there! 

Catalina Sail Types



From furling to fullbatten to racing, North has your perfect main. See the full line of mainsails.



Find your ideal genoa or jib. Cruise easy with a furling headsail or push your limits with a racing sail.

catalina spinnaker


Select an easy-to-manage cruising gennaker or asymmetric spinnaker, or check out our performance racing spinnakers.



Whether you cruise or race your Catalina, North Helix will be your new favorite sail. Choose from the Helix Furling Gennaker or Helix Code Sails.

Catalina Boat Models

Manufacturer Models We’re Familiar With

  • Catalina 18 Capri
  • Catalina 22
  • Catalina 22 Fk
  • Catalina 22 Mk 2
  • Catalina 22 Odr
  • Catalina 22 Sk
  • Catalina 25
  • Catalina 25 Capri
  • Catalina 25 Capri (New)
  • Catalina 25 Fk
  • Catalina 25 Sk
  • Catalina 25 Tm
  • Catalina 25 Wk
  • Catalina 250
  • Catalina 250 Cb (H20 Bal)
  • Catalina 250 Keel
  • Catalina 250 Weekender
  • Catalina 26 Capri
  • Catalina 27
  • Catalina 27 Tm
  • Catalina 270
  • Catalina 28
  • Catalina 28 Mk 2
  • Catalina 28 Mk 2 Tm
  • Catalina 28 Mk 2 Wk
  • Catalina 28 Standard
  • Catalina 30
  • Catalina 30 Capri
  • Catalina 30 Mk 3 Standard
  • Catalina 30 Std Rig W/Bs
  • Catalina 30 Tm
  • Catalina 30 Tm W/Out Sprit
  • Catalina 309
  • Catalina 309 Wk
  • Catalina 310
  • Catalina 315
  • Catalina 320
  • Catalina 34
  • Catalina 34 Mk 2
  • Catalina 34 Tm
  • Catalina 34 Wk
  • Catalina 340 Standard
  • Catalina 350
  • Catalina 355
  • Catalina 36
  • Catalina 36 Mk 2
  • Catalina 36 Sm
  • Catalina 36 Tm
  • Catalina 36 Wk
  • Catalina 37
  • Catalina 37 Capri
  • Catalina 38
  • Catalina 380
  • Catalina 380 Tm
  • Catalina 381 Morgan
  • Catalina 385
  • Catalina 387
  • Catalina 390
  • Catalina 390 Tm
  • Catalina 390 Wk
  • Catalina 400
  • Catalina 400 Mk 2 C
  • Catalina 400 Wk
  • Catalina 42
  • Catalina 42 Mk 2
  • Catalina 425
  • Catalina 445
  • Catalina 45 Morgan
  • Catalina 470
  • Catalina 470 Tm
  • Catalina 470 Wk
  • Catalina 50
  • Catalina 50 Mk 2
  • Catalina 50 Mk 2 Tm
  • Catalina Morgan 440 Wk

Don’t see your boat model listed? No need to worry. North Sails makes custom mainsails, headsails, and downwind sails to fit any boat on the market. Request a quote below, and we’ll make sure you get sails that fit your boat perfectly.

new catalina sail

My boat partner and I both agree; we should have put a new sail on after the first season when we saw what we really had. We’re both regretting that we waited 5 years before putting the new sail on, because it has made sailing the boat a lot more fun.

Jim Bacon

Catalina 36 Owner

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