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Madeline Gill

Based in Charleston, SC

Madeline joined North Sails in 2018, after three years at Goetz Composites in Bristol, Rhode Island. She grew up sailing both dinghies and keelboats out of Cedar Point Yacht Club before attending the University of Virginia. After school she moved to Newport, where she sailed and hung out with a lot of people who work for North Sails. “I wanted to work more closely with the sailing side of the marine industry,” she says, “and sail design seems like the obvious answer for something that I would want to do.”

In addition to helping out on short-term projects, Madeline is modernizing the one design library. “The biggest thing right now is consolidating all the designs that have been developed in different North lofts and regions over the years,” she explains. “We’re standardizing the process, and making sure that everything’s in the same format.” 

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Charleston, South Carolina
3 Lockwood Dr.
Charleston, South Carolina 29401

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