Material Science

The quality of a North sail begins with the raw materials. Understanding the properties of raw materials and how they relate to customer demands in finished sail products is the focus of the North materials experts.  Through this team we operate North Labs – our own R&D Laboratories that employ engineers, collaborate with scientists and produce our own sail cloth though our in-house North Cloth brand.

The goal is to create superior sail materials through research, testing and development. Since 1980, the North Materials team has pushed the envelope with industry-changing advances in fiber, film and adhesive technology for weaving and laminating sailcloth. Today, we continue to raise the bar in how these advances are applied to sail design, manufacturing and 3D sailmaking.

Beyond our in-house products, North Materials oversees the technology and materials from outside suppliers.

We also build innovative manufacturing equipment that makes it possible to perfectly reproduce our original designs.

Only through an extensive material research and development program can we continue to maximize the value of a new sail purchase—which leads to impressive results.  These results are evident in our race winning sails around the world and with increased durability and an improved sailing experience for our cruising customers.

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