North Sails LOFT NEWS

February 12, 2018


Kicking off the 2018 year with the Toronto International Boat Show

This year marked the 60 th Anniversary of the Toronto Boat Show – quite the milestone for organizers. Each year has its own specialities and focus. For 2018 and our Toronto loft, the focus was on 3Di Nordac which many customers were eagerly interested in knowing more. The NEW product for 2018 has garnered widespread interest and support, specifically among cruisers. Torontonians were no exception. Our local North Sails experts Geoff Moore, Louisa Sonosky, Miro Balcar, Mike Wolfs and Hugh Baeton were on site throughout the show to answer any questions regarding 3Di Nordac and all North Sails products. Additionally, Hugh Beaton and Mike Wolfs were on-hand to share their North Sails stories.

A busy show it was throughout the 10 days with familiar faces and new; thank you to everyone who stopped by!

If you have questions regarding a quote you received at the show, products or materials please reach out to any of our local North Sails experts.

Hear our team talk about their expertise in sailmaking and service. See you on the race course!

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