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Summer Sail Service on the South Coast

This summer on the south coast of England, North Sails Certified Service will be available from our lofts in Gosport, Plymouth and Cowes.

Our service loft in heart of Cowes Yacht Haven is now open every Monday and Thursday from 09:00 – 17:00. The loft has you covered for regatta support at the main events running out of Cowes throughout the season, kicking off with the RORC Easter Challenge on the 15th – 17th April. With our onsite team of experienced sailmakers, we aim to provide the best local service for you.

With the summer season just round the corner and some teams taking advantage of the nicer spring weather, now is a great time to make sure your sails have been serviced. Having your sails inspected at least once a season can prevent small problems from becoming big ones. Whilst this may serve as a reminder to get your sails serviced by the professionals, here are some tips for you to make sure you and your crew are looking after and getting the most out of your sails.

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Use your sails in their designed wind ranges. If you don’t know the recommended wind ranges for your sails, contact your North sailmaker.

When leaving the boat, ease the jib halyard, main halyard, and outhaul to prevent permanent luff and foot stretching. Releasing batten tension also reduces distortion at the batten ends.

Limit exposure to the sun for extended periods of time. UV rays are one of your sail’s worst enemies. Roller furling genoas should have UV-resistant material covering the leech and foot. If you store your mainsail on the boom, make sure it is always covered when not in use.

Rinse your sails with fresh water and dry thoroughly before storing, to prevent mildew and colour bleeding in spinnakers. Rinse fittings in fresh water to help prevent corrosion. Store dry sails in a well-ventilated location. And remember, making sure they are dry is as important as the initial rinse. Wet sails create mould issues.

Avoid folding sails on the same fold lines so that small creases don’t become permanent.

Regularly rinse sail bag zippers or lubricate with silicone spray.

Patch minor tears as soon as possible with a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). Avoid using duct tape!

Check nylon/polyester downwind sails a few times each season for small tears. Catching small holes early can reduce the chance of them becoming bigger tears.

Spray luff tapes on both genoas and mainsails as they slide up the track, using a Mclube-style lubricant. This will help clean the tracks and make hoisting and dropping easier.

Have your North Sail Certified Service expert inspect your sails at least once a season. Regular inspection will prevent small problems from becoming big ones. 

Ask your local loft to create an onboard sail repair kit for your specific sails. 


Opening Times

Gosport-  Monday-Friday | 0900-1700

Cowes Yacht Haven-  Monday and Thursday | 0900-1700 + key regatta weekends

Plymouth-  Monday – Friday | 0900-1730


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