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July 8, 2019


North Sails Expert Doug Folsetter Shares His Top 3 Tips for the #LO300

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Veteran Great Lakes sailor, and North Sails expert, Doug Folsetter shares his top tips for racing the upcoming Lake Ontario 300 presented by DriveHG and the Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Committee. He has done the race himself four times and the Chicago Mackinac races fives times. His offshore experience is nothing to bat an eye out and provides his great insight on how to prepare.


There are a lot of different apps and good sources of weather information.  Have a look at as many forecast models as you can digest to get an overall picture of how the race might shape up.  If you’re serious about it, it’s worth paying for a routing forecast from a company like Commander’s Weather in order get the best information possible.  By having a good understanding of what’s likely to happen, you can better positioned to identify what the weather is going to do and take advantage of the changing conditions.


Pack lightly but for every condition.  If its warm out, don’t forget your cold weather clothes too as the weather will inevitably change.  Good boots, a headlamp with red filter and a can of bug spray go a long way to making a distance race more enjoyable.  Be conscious of how to pack the boat as well.  Stack the sails with the at the ones most likely to be used are at the top of the pile.  Plan for a couple of hot meals, even if it’s freeze dried and have a plan b in case it’s too rough to cook safely…

Keep the boat moving fast

Watch the forecast to do what you need to do to stay in the best pressure.  Don’t hesitate to sail a bit high or low of the rhumb line to keep the boat sailing with the fastest sail combination.  The extra boat speed will generally more than make up for the extra distance sailed.
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