North Sails LOFT NEWS

August 5, 2019

Everything You Need For The Big Event

HIRW is shaping up to be the main event with a total of 225 yachts registered! Divided into six classes, it looks to be a fun and competitive regatta for sailors of all kinds. Get your team race-ready with our tips and tricks to guide you around the race course and prepare your team and your boat for the ultimate racing experience here at Hamilton Island.


Make Sure Your Boat Is Race Ready

With many variables in sailing outside of our control, it is important to make sure your yacht is cleaned, light, and ready to be used with ease once your sails and crew are added.

For The Sake Of Strategy

Familiarize yourself with the anticipated flow patterns around the islands during each race and can be done well in advance of even arriving at Hamilton Island.

Get The Full Scoop On The Starting Area

While it may be scenic, don’t get fooled into thinking it is an easy race track – the islands create localized wind shifts and pressure changes that differ from the big picture prevailing wind, as well as creating some interesting tide challenges.

Know Your Job. Do Your Job.

On board communication for racing yachts is a key factor for performance, no matter what type of sailing. However, when the number of crew increases, it becomes more and more important.



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