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Working From Home Has Its Perks

Meet Louisa’s furry coworker while she works from home.

Tell us about your furry companion, name, age, favourite activities? 

Jack is a fur-ball of fun at 7.5 months old labradoodle who is quickly growing into his floppy ears. He weighs in at a hefty 55 lbs for a puppy who is constantly burning energy. His favourite activities are stealing his parents socks and eating his dad’s shoes, not to mention cuddling as much as possible (belly rubs are his favourite). 

Do you take him/her sailing with you ever?

We hope Jack is a nautical dog. He hasn’t been on a boat yet however we’re hoping to get him on the sailboat as soon as possible. He loves walks on the beach and close to the water, even though he doesn’t like the sound of waves. It’s a work in progress though and he will be getting his first lifejacket very soon. 

How is he/she adjusting to your temporary work from home order? 

Jack is loving having both of his parents home 24/7. He is a great assistant who helps bring laughter throughout the day. He occasionally sleeps on the job but being cute is hard work! He gets paid in treats and belly rubs, you may occasionally hear him on a video call, he always wants to say hi. 

How are you reacting to the work from home order?

Working from home is great. Other than the mound of boxes as I am trying to move, things are going pretty well. Our loft as a whole has been able to adjust to the conditions and make a plan that works for us and helps customers. Our priorities are always to keep everyone safe, healthy and follow government guidelines. We are working with multiple plans and backup plans to ensure customers can go sailing when the weather gets warm and it’s safe to do so. We appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation during this time. 

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