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May 2, 2019


Kingston Yacht Club Cruiser’s Spring Muster

Despite an ice-locked harbour as winter turned to spring cruisers from Kingston’s oldest yacht club gathered to celebrate the coming of a new sailing season.

Organized by past Commodore Rosemary Wilson and board member Bob Story, the muster is a chance to mix, mingle, and share plans for the upcoming season. Story and Wilson thought it essential for the Kingston Yacht Club, and its members to make cruising a point of emphasis. Racing at many clubs is the focal point because it’s so visual and prominent. The activity of race nights and weekend regattas draws a lot of attention. It is almost the opposite when cruisers go cruising. North Sails is proud to support such initiatives that help cruisers get out on the water more and celebrate their adventures on the water!

Of course, the Club, situated in one of the most beautiful sailing venues in the world, has its share of summertime event cruises. The club even has property down the river to sail and visit. But for many sailing couples and families, these events are just a little too organized, not on a convenient date or not adventurous enough. Story and Wilson wondered if there shouldn’t be more recognition of members’ wanderlust and sense of adventure.  To throw off the lines.  Leave a safe harbour to go out to explore, challenge oneself. To see new places and meet new friends. With the support of the Club, these two independent cruisers created a series of purposeful awards.

Multiple trophies are awarded each year; ranging from making the longest continuous cruise in a single season on KYC’s Home Waters (St. Lawrence River) to the highest number of miles in KYC’s Home Waters. Additionally, distance flags are also awarded to sailors sailing a minimal  number of miles in KYC’s Home Waters : 250-mile flags; 500-mile flags; 1000-mile flags.

An additional aim of the Musters is to create an atmosphere for collecting and sharing knowledge gained by members who have ventured far and wide. This bolsters the collective expertise of the membership while identifying members with expertise and insight to share with others.

The spring muster was purposely designed to be held a few hours before the Club’s Nautical Night speakers series. This was a win win win for all. North Sails was happy to support such a fantastic initiative on the Great Lakes and within KYC. North Sails Toronto donated three prizes that were raffled off to cruisers in attendance!

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